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Honor, not just a word but action statement.

Today, it seems funeral directors are so focused on cool caskets, urns, top hats and white gloves. (Bare with me here...) all of that does honor the loved one that has passed. It makes the family feel like it was money well spent.

THAT IS ALL TRUE. But 7 out of 10 times when I read obituaries, we are falling short writing the great history or the person. Everyone has a story and it should be told.

Is it a lost art? Does the family not give enough information or understand the importance? I believe this is such an important part of the grieving process. When the body is gone, months later, that is all that is left.

We all watch these "Ancestry shows" that the first step is to find the obituary in the local paper. YOU are responsible for history. Our Funeral associations should give classes on writing. We should take the time with the families when making arrangements to talk about the person and take notes. We should make sure Obituary fees are added to every cremation (Direct or NOT) and honor the person in writing.

So I ask everyone today, pull up your last 10 services and read their obits. Where they great? Did they add value to the person's life. Would the person be proud to read it? or would they say, "HEY, you left a lot of cool stuff out."

Let's get back to basics. I hope this just make each on or us think.......

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