Don't Sell Your Business! 

My name is Dawn and I have a solution that can help you keep your business. I can help you reduce your overhead and headaches. There is always more than one way to reduce costs and stress. Here are a couple of ways to help. Main difference, I WILL SHOW YOU not just tell you!  One on one attention is the only way to achieve confident success. 

Sound too good to be true? As the Efficiency Expert, I have helped hundreds call centers/ answering services reduce payroll and reduce abandons.  That increased your bottom line fast and helps increase billing.  The largest change in revenue was an increase of $186,000 per year for one center.  We made that change in one week! YES, one week.  We can help you.  

Another great option for services that have been hit hard with lack of skilled employees, At First Call, we also take overflow for centers as well as host services.  That means, we can take your calls and allow you to focus on growing your business, not worry about the day to day.  At First Call, we specialize in high end customer service.  We use a scripted technology that will give you piece of mind.  You also have access to answer calls, listen to calls and monitor us.  Are you still operating on old TAS system.  Let me help! Whether you are taking your calls or we are helping, hosted service is an easy way to update system for clients and get the help you need.  Call Dawn Today! 

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