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Everyone Wants Something Different, That is Alright!

Let's take a moment and talk about the difference. 

What is TAS service?  It is Traditional Answering Service.  Starts at $45.00 per month.  

This is where the call center representative gets the callers name, number and generalization of what the message is about and the message would be texted immediately to the on call person.  


These messages take 45 seconds or less and are generally priced per call.  When a service is pricing basic TAS keep in mind the goal is the operator to end the call quickly. Most answering services will price this service to get you started, then when you get a large bill stating that they need to increase your rate.  We can price what you need and expect without the "bait and switch" game.  So, let me help you understand...


At First Call Answers, we do not prefer fast.  We prefer accurate calls with compassion. Below we will explain the difference in billing systems used by answering services.  We can bill for any of these BUT you need to understand what you are buying.   Let's compare apples to apples. 

FLAT Rate vs PER MINUTE vs Per Call/Transactions

Flat Rate is where you are given ONE rate for a period of time.  Most companies will not price this due to the risk of being wrong and not making a profit on your business.  


Flat rate must be based on history of service. 

Per Minute Billing is where you pay for the highlighted operator time used.  Note: often services add in CALL OUT/DIALOUT time to paid minute to be able to charge a lower per minute rate.  Make sure they are billing for only highlighted time.  



Per Call/Transaction Billing is where you pay for every incoming and outgoing action. This type of billing can cost you the most.  Make sure you understand what you are paying for.  Any service should be able to give you a printout of what these are for. 

All of our charges are reportable and easily trackable.  

We can provide you with detailed billing so you can understand how you are bill is calculated.   

 We are confident we can meet your budget and exceed your expectations.  

We are confident we can give you a better value and service


All we need is a copy of a current invoice and an explanation on how you would like to use the service.  We can reduce most bills by 20-30%.  Call 706.948.0201 or email


Finally,  It is important to us for you to totally understand the Answering Service World. 

Our goal is for your callers to think you have added staff and expanded your office.  We can be the seamless extension of your office.  We have NO CONTRACTS!  Join us today at NO RISK! 


Our service starts at $45.00 but is priced based on each clients needs.  

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