Dawn Newborn-Cook CEO

She is a hands on CEO.  She manages and coaches her employees herself.  She believed the clients expect the best from her.  She takes that very seriously and makes sure every employee is coached and understand what is required of them.  


Dawn has 24 years of experience in answering service, servicing funeral homes.  The compassion and understanding that is needed to take care of families in need is not taken lightly.  


This service was created by the request of funeral professionals that needed Dawn's expertise.  Dawn has over 33 written recommendations from answering service industry colleagues.  And over 100 endorsements for several areas of answering service management.  She was awarded with the Learning By Association Award in 2010 from ATSI.org for her willingness to help other companies.  In 2013, she was awarded the President's Award from ATSI.org for her work as Chair of the Conference committee.   She is known in the Answering Service world as the Efficiency Expert.  She loves seeing owners make more money.  A profitable competitor is a better competitor.  


You can find her LinkedIn Profile here: 


She decided to get back in the answering service world directly due to the need of friends that need great service at the best price.  Dawn can guarantee great service and produce results.  


I will beat your current rate and give you the service your families deserve.  




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