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Meet Our Team

Dawn K. Newborn-Cook CEO

We all come in contact with hundreds of companies a day. Usually in the form of a billboard, face-to-face interaction, an online advertisement or a voice over the radio. We are repeatedly told how a company can meet “our needs”, but are they truly? Have you ever completed a transaction and just said to yourself, “Wow, that just made my life simpler or my day better. They really care about their customers.” I ask, because I’m afraid that most transactions don’t end on such a positive note. Many companies see their customers as “just another transaction”. This is where Dawn stands out. The mission of, First Call Answering Service and The Efficiency Expert is to serve clients FIRST. She nurtures relationships instead of transactions and it is evident in how she drives her business. 


Dawn is a dedicated mother of three, grandmother of one, and a wife (2nd time is the charm). Her caring nature is felt in the home, as well as in the office. Nearly 30 years of being a mom and 24 years in the answering service industry has allowed her to differentiate her talents and learn how to best serve others in an industry that requires delicate, white-glove attention and empathy.

When you work with Dawn, she works for you and for your customers. She genuinely wants to see your business grow and benefit by partnering with Dedicated to increasing your bottom line and simplifying your daily operations, backed up with the analytics that outline immediate improvement in your processes, Dawn is here to help. Just call Dawn. 


Competition often carries a negative connotation along with a dog eat dog mentality. To the contrary, Dawn harnessed the mindset of iron sharpens iron when she founded The Efficiency Expert for the answering service industry. The Efficiency Expert was created in response to the inquiring professionals seeking expertise in the area of answering service management. Management doesn’t end with people, that’s only the start. Dawn dives deep into how to better manage call times, increase profit and decrease their payroll, all while making it manageable and pain-free! Her willingness to strengthen her competitors has been awarded with the “Learning by Association Award” in 2010 from, as well as receives stellar recommendations from her colleagues. It is possible for a call center to be more than a talking headset and The Efficiency Expert makes that a reality with the approach that a profitable competitor is a better competitor. 

Hosting Services

Are you thinking about selling your answering service? Hold that thought and call Dawn, her hosting service will make your business profitable again, and instantaneously lighten your load. She let you have your cake and eat it too. Keep your business and allow her to manage the day-to-day for your gain. There are two options available depending on your specific needs. 


Option 1: Allow Dawn to answer your calls at a lower cost compared to what you are paying to do it yourself. DIY isn’t always a cost saver!


Option 2: Take advantage of Dawn’s groundwork and utilize the technologies that make her own answering service successful. This includes the most updated industry technology and provides perks, such as an app! 


Regardless of why you may be in need of an organizational change, Dawn is an advocate for small and large businesses alike and wants to see them all succeed. 


Her passion for helping others doesn’t abruptly end with her business. simultaneously answers calls for you, while also answering the call for abused children. 10% of all business proceeds are donated to her registered non-profit that helps abused children. The non-profit was started in response to a tragic childhood of her own and her want to help abused children. As a survivor of sexual abuse from the ages of 6 to 13 by her stepfather, she is adamant about being supportive of the abused children in foster care. Every child, upon placement into a new home, will receive supplies for school, clothes, and a makeover to start a new chapter. Each year, more than 400,000 children experience foster care in the U.S. alone. In 2017, 9 out of every 1,000 children were determined to be victims of abuse. The non-profit is a vessel in helping these children.


“Every child needs to know they are loved and they are capable of great things. They can overcome the unthinkable and be everything God plans for them to be.” –Dawn


To learn more about how you can help these children, visit

Joe Adam, VP of Business Development

Joe Adam is the VP of Business Development for and boasts over 20 years of experience in both the answering service industry, as well as the arena of information technology. His background in IT has allowed him to apply dexterity and to excel in managing a multitude of information systems and personnel. He has proven leadership skills demonstrated, only in part, by the migration of over 30 call centers from a premise-based telephone system to new age technology. The results of these innovations continue to foster cost savings, along with increased reliability and efficiency for users. His resume features an all-in-one portfolio that highlights his ability to support clients from the ground-up. From the building and organization of new call centers and server headquarters to simplifying the overwhelming technical tone for those of us that are less savvy, Joe provides top-notch expertise. 

As a member on the Board of Directors representing the National Amtelco Equipment Owners Association, Joe nurtured his relationships in the industry, earning the position of Tech Chair and to later become President of the Association. His relationships, paired with his extensive knowledge of and for the industry makes him an invaluable asset to the answering service community as a whole.  

When he isn’t improving the answering service world, he is also an avid photographer that enjoys the great outdoors by either hiking or riding his motorcycle. 


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