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Building Business...MISTAKES

Today, business owners are constantly bombarded with SEO, Google, Website, emails, newsletters and all kinds of electronic advertising and terms.

I know business owners that are spending 1000's of dollars a day to gain top ranking and seeing small RTO. A large portion of this is madness.

I believe, we need balance. People appreciate relationships. There is a lot to say about a good handshake.

Have you spoken to all of the businesses in your city? Do they know who you are? Do they know the benefits of your business to theirs? I am certain you are not rolling your eyes. BUT people are less likely to tell you NO face to face. So get out! Shake hands and make life long friends that will use your business.

So as we close 2015, look at what you spend on internet STUFF? did you make that in sales? Did you grow your company? Or Should you have just took a good trip to Italy to build a strategy.

Just food for thought. Don't blow your money on a game you can't win....


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