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Being Lied Too? YEP! Grab a cup of coffee and let's talk...

The answering service industry has several "Funeral Home ONLY" answering services. I am also one of them. You have been deceived into paying WAY over market price for answering service. So you are paying between 1.35-1.45 per minute and over 2.00 per call for service? WOW! I said it. That is BOLD but so true... Sorry to be the one to let you in on what others already know.

There are over 3,000 answering services in the US that bill between .89-.99 per minute. So why do you pay more. Because they said it was harder to train, Because they said it was "Specialty service", makes you say...hmmmm...

I know a lot of great answering services that answer for a few funeral homes in their community and do a fabulous job. That local funeral home probably pays that small answering service .80-.89 cents per minute or .99 per call and that is GREAT for both businesses.

I opened my answering service to serve and give the funeral home industry a choice that is also a great value. Let's cut the bull and get back to basics.

Being Efficient is my number 2 passion. I am very good at it. Because of that, my rate is even below the US market price. I can provide great service at a price you can not refuse.

I am also running a free trial for a short time. Call me today! 770.710.4219

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