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Headset People? Are they real? Nope!

I typed "Headset Girl" in GOOGLE images and got the photo above. NOW, I bet, this young lady while beautiful had never taken a call in her life. I bet, she does not know what an answering service is. So are we telling potential clients that this GIRL is going to answer her calls? No.

No wonder companies are scared to death to call an answering service.

I want my brand to represent me. I sell my accounts, I program them and I make sure my clients expectations are met. You see, my goal is not to grow into a huge conglomerate. I will service funeral homes that value being able to build a relationship. We will answer your calls live, we will record all of them and we will contact you based on your requirements.

HOW DO YOU KNOW WHO you are doing business with?

I believe today, more than ever, people want to do business with real people. I only have a photo of me on my website. No fake operators smiling to impress. In order for me to earn your trust, you must know me.

My profile on here is complete with references from answering services and well as funeral homes. I love to be partners with companies that value people.

My passion in life is to help business make more money and grow. I have two companies. I am the Efficiency Expert in the answering service world. . I work hard to make answering services more profitable. Every client I have consulted for has made from $65,000.00 to $180,000.00 more each year after my visit. REAL MONEY!

I also own an answering service for funeral homes. The funeral homes called me due to the need for a service that valued and totally understood their needs. I tell you what, it feels good for my phone to ring and have several people requesting I get back in the business. I also have previous employees wanting to work for me, so why not! I started my career at age 23 as an operator. I have held every job at an answering service in my 19 years in this business. I am dedicated to my funeral homes.

They know if they call my cell phone I am ALWAYS available just like they are. TRY IT! 770.710.4219

I believe clients should understand their bills and get a great price.

BEST PRICE!! in the industry! I believe clients should be able to communicate with the person in charge. I believe clients should feel valued from the word go. Those beliefs assure the funeral homes, I will take care of their families.

I am offering a special rate for the next 10 days, email or call me. 770.854.5508

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